Water Ski's

Slalom Ski


63" / 66"

Wider can be better, the Synchro is designed to let you ski the
course or take on open waters in equal style. If you want to
slow down and work on technique this is the tool to use. The
Synchro is designed to ski 30 to 34 MPH. Easier to get up
on, turns on a dime, and maybe you can back off the speed a
couple of MPH.

Pro Tour 64


The Pro Tour 64 is just the right size so
that the whole family can feel comfortable
learning to slalom. A flatter, faster rocker
line reduces drag, allowing for hours of
skiing with less fatigue.

Vortex Red/Blue

Great for beginners! 700 Adjustable Bindings Fit Men

Sizes 4.5 to 13. Great for skiing at a lower boat speed

with less effort. Skies are good for training and the slalom

extra wide tips and a parabolic shape make it

easy to get up and turn on the Vortex combo ski.

These are great for beginners! The bright white fins help you spot

the dropped ski once you're ready to slalom. For

skiers over 100 lbs. Length: 65.5".



The Sector binding is O’Brien’s high-performance Open

 Toe binding. If you prefer the feel of open toe bindings,

you can’t do better than the Sector. Built on an aluminum plate,

 the Sector features a front lace system for ease of entry and

 exit. The low-profile design gets your center gravity as close

 as possible to the water for maximum performance. Built in

 lateral stiffeners and the last-style footwear construction make

 this one of the best fitting boots on the market. Dual stretch zones

make it extremely comfortable while providing for easy release.

The open toe design makes it more forgiving of shoe size, so it’s

easier to share between similar-sized friends and family. 14° of

rotation lets you tweak the binding settings to your heart’s content.

Talk to Elle for your-SKI needs!

Combo Ski

Performer Pro

$149                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             68"

Designed for the family that needs a great pair of skis but

also intends to use them as a slalom ski. Mounted with the

same binding found on the legendary World Team slalom.



The adjustable X-8 binding securely holds almost any size

foot without sacrificing performance. Extra surface area

provided by the wide fore-body allows for easy deep water

starts. Also the Performer has an aggressive rocker and bevels

making it a great slalom ski.


$149                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            67"

Designed for easy starts with a wide tail, wide forebody

and tunnel channels for stability and performance.

Celebrity 64

$175                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             64"

The Celebrity 64 is just the right size so that the whole

family can feel comfortable learning to ski or launching

a massive spray! A flatter, faster rocker line reduces

 drag, allowing for hours of skiing with less fatigue.

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