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The Noah

They call me "The Fish Slayer".....  Summer, winter, just about any day, you can guarentee I will know the best fishing spot.  Whatever I put my mind to, I do it full throttle; fishing, hunting, learning the trailer business, watch out world! Oh! Did I mention I do love a good game of golf too! 



I-AM-THE-PROTECTOR!!! I will save the family from everything and everyone, especially the UPS man whom I hear coming from a half mile away (secretly we are buddies though), I got you! I go EVERYWHERE, with EVERYONE, because everyone's business is my business. My favorite place to nap is under Papa's desk, all day long, unless he leaves to go somewhere; if you can not find me anywhere that is most likely where I am. I am not one to brag, but I'm really the most famous one from the Chase Crew.

Ms. Maggie

Hi kiddos!! As the oldest of the Chase clan, I try to keep them on their toes as MUCH as possible! :-) Just kidding (maybe ;-)). After graduating from business school last year, I hauled all I owned and a little black and white mop of a dog out to the beautiful state of Colorado to start a new adventure! And what an adventure!! Guess who has become a SUPER sales person at Trans West.....(Yes that may be inherited) but, that hasn’t stopped me from selling paddle boards though! I try to help out as much as I can – I can’t WAIT to be home on the lake this July!!! You can catch me cruising OTC, on the 4th, to all my fav spots – Zorbaz, Granny’s, and of course CHASE CREW!! 


Hi- I'm Jesse. Um... if I wasn't a brunette I'd be the epitomy of a beautiful blonde doggie. My favs: chasing Pearl (the not so mini- mini Potbelly Pig) and swimming- for hours on end. Oh... I like to chase after things too, more like race things, like the ranger and the horses. My other favs: riding the paddle boards with my mom and takin' selfies and photo bombing. Did I mention... squirrel...

Mr. Levi

Hi guys! My family call me The Professor. If something needs to be measured, put together, or anything technical, I’m your guy! I tend to side with my mom, we like stuff calm and organized! Someone’s gotta do it around here! If there’s ever a technical problem with any of your Chase Crew gear (odds being less than 5% - I calculated it) chances are I’ll be helping you out! In my spare time you’ll find me lounging on a paddle board reading a good book – Harry Potter is my favorite!! 


HELLO!!! Some may call me the godfather, some may call me

the creator of all things awesome in the Chase family, some may call

me a Greek God due to my stellar good looks - but the most

important people in my life call me Papa! I’m very excited about

Chase Crew and its ability to provide families throughout THE WORLD with all things FUN!! The lake has always brought me and

my family together, and I’m here to give you all that same opportunity!!

Besides pulling my kids behind the speed boat and working on my

farmer’s tan, you can find me drinking an ice cold Diet Coke with the

animals on the funky farm – a mini potbelly pig, two fainting goats,

twelve horses, and a mini donkey!!! 

me- Elle

You all probably know me by now…. I mean I am the most famous of all the family members…. Hehehe just kidding! I’m the spunk and muscle behind this crazy fun time I get to call a business!! I’m so blessed to have the family that I do who supports me 24/7.  I've taken what I have learned from my business & family and have taken the big steps into the bigger world of full time adulting! Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the outdoors & catching a few rays!

Fun fact: sweet tea and ice cream are my two favorite food groups hehe