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I know you liked your Rental SO MUCH you need to make it yours,

I know, I GOT'chu!

Call ME and we shall make a deal.

10FT Plastic Board

$395 w/ paddle

made of a plastic (think kayak material).

Board is super durable. weighs about 50lbs. on the bottom of

the board is the fin which is rubber, because of this my little brothers

can leave it laying on the beach or grass for a week and

you’re not going to hurt the board. my 3 year old cousin uses

this board and then my 70 year old grandma uses it. super

versatile and user friendly. Great Beginner Board. they are

ribbed on the bottom thus they are easier to stand on and

easier to balance.  

11FT Plastic Board 

$450 for 11'6 board

the only reason you would need a bigger board is if you are

around 260lbs and over 6ft. same features as 10 ft board.  

The big boys get a big board.

Fiberglass Board


fiberglass boards are the BOMB.COM. they are SO SO nice. 10ft long,

3 fins, weigh about 10lbs-- maybe 15lbs. boards glide extremely

well across the water.


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