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Chase Crew really began in fall of 2014. The experiment with 9 SUPs earlier that summer had gone swimmingly, and we were ready to go all in. My favorite part about that summer with just 9 SUPs was meeting people.

A peek into how my family works: My mom, that fall, enrolled me in an intense business program called- B School vs my dad, whom informed me that approximately 280 Pelican SUPs would be arriving, at our front door and I, me, needed to sell them.

 As a semi of paddle boards (ended up being about 300 boards) was unloaded, in the spring of 2015, all I could think was: "This is going to be one heck of a summer!" I can't even fathom how many people I will get to meet, and how many people I will have the privilege of impacting."

That's what I love about Chase Crew, and all of that is possible because of paddle boarding.


"Our goal at Chase Crew is to equip you with the gear to have FUN at the lake! "

​- Elle Chase, paddle board queen